My Favorite Pilates Exercises on the Pedi Pole

What's My Favorite Pedi Pole Exercise_

Ever walked into a Pilates studio and seen something too tall to be a coat rack? Well, then you were probably looking at a Pedi Pole! I used to skip using the Pedi Pole. And, now I love to spend a minute or five on it whenever a client is running late. The Pedi Pole may look wobbly and even like it would be one of the easier pieces of equipment but it is truly one of the hardest.

In Pilates the less surface space a piece of equipment has the less support it offers which means the more strength you need to have to control yourself and the springs!

This week in the Youtube collaboration Andrea Maida and I show off our favorite exercises on the Pedi Pole. Check out her’s here and mine here.

Have you had a chance to play on a Pedi Pole? What’s your favorite exercise?


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