My Favorite Pilates Mat Exercise Is…

My Favorite Pilates Mat Exercises

I am often asked why I love Pilates and I usually respond by asking people if they have done Pilates. Why? Well, if you have done Pilates with a passionate teacher then you probably have some love for Pilates too. And, if you haven’t then my love for Pilates will probably sound like a crazy obsession!!!

Recently, I had a question from one of my online mat class subscribers: What is your favorite exercise on the mat?

Well, that is a tough question! Because, once I start thinking about my favorite, then I think of another and another! For this week’s collab I finally made a decision and picked two for you.

But, as soon as I was done filming I found myself wanting to share more Mat favorites until I realized that I may have about 30 out of the 34 mat exercises that I simply LOVE!

You can check out my favorite Pilates mat exercises here and my collaboration partner-in-Pilates-crime Andrea Maida’s here.

I would love to hear what your favorites are!


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