My Favorite Pilates Wunda Chair Exercise is…

My Favorite Pilates Exercise on the Wunda Chair

What is your favorite Wunda Chair exercise?

I would love to know! You can tell me below or in a comment on my Youtube video here and Andrea Maida’s here.

Why do I care? Well, Andrea Maida and I are sharing each week our favorite exercise on each piece of equipment. Join us each and every week here or over at our Youtube channels to find out each week what exercises light our Pilates souls!

So, this week, I share my favorite Wunda Chair exercise and next week we will be back with more of our favorites!

And, here’s the thing about favorites! They are the exercises that make us feel powerful and connected. And, these exercises are key to helping us understand the exercises we hate. So, get down with your fav’s they do help you tackle the ones you loathe!


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