Pilates beginner, start with these 5 exercises

How can you get started with Pilates? Start with these 5 exercises!
Pilates beginner, start with these 5 exercises

You know Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for golfing, running, your lower back pain and over all well being. But how on earth do you even get started? You go to the gym and everyone in class seems to know all the exercises! Was there an intro class? How can you get started with Pilates?

Start where you are! I know, a total cliche but it’s really the best advice. You’re going to see exercises that flip you overhead or have you back bending and you may be thinking, “I can’t do that, Pilates is not for me.” But even those who are in class are still learning those exercises and they also started somewhere else. Pilates is an incredible workout that will meet you where you are. The beginner exercises are the basics for every exercise in Pilates!  Try these 5 exercises regularly and the more comfortable you feel then you can begin to expand and challenge yourself.

  1. Hundred: This is the first exercise in the Mat order and whether you do it with legs bent feet on the floor or legs straight out the more you practice this exercise the easier the entire Mat workout and any other Pilates workouts you do!
  2. Rolling Like a Ball: this exercise is fun and also teaches you how to lift your hips up. Eventually that will lead into exercises like Roll over, Jackknife and more. Focusing on keeping the shape even when you roll on your back.
  3. Shoulder Bridge: Learning to articulate your spine, stand in your feet and connect to your seat will be key for progressing your Pilates practice.
  4. Side Kicks: most exercise regimes do not effectively work our side bodies. The more you do your side kicks the longer your spine will get, the more connected you’ll feel when you’re not working out and the better your posture will be too!
  5. Swimming:While this exercise is more advanced than Swan it’s also one that you can easily make a beginner exercise and use to practice maintain your connection to your front against gravity and work your back.

If you take five minutes a day to do these exercises you’ll quickly be able to get yourself through any Pilates class. When the workout gets tough do one of these and jump back in when you can!

You can also continue your home Pilates practice and progress from a newbie to a full on beginner and more. Check out our three beginner workouts here. And when you’re ready to do 30 min of Pilates join in on the weekly classes!


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Loving that mat! Where can I get one?

My Mat is amazing! I highly recommend. I have a link for it in an upcoming blog but it’s the Gratz foldable mat. It’s worth EVERY PENNY! I hid it behind my coach when I wasn’t using it.

Thanks Lesley! I’m in England so will see if I can source one here.

Cool, they do ship! There may even be someone selling a used one:)

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