Should I Do Pilates Reformer or Mat Classes?

Sometimes you don't have the option to get on the other pieces of Pilates equipment. So which should you choose? The Mat or the Reformer?
Should I do Pilates Reformer or Mat classes_

When Joseph Pilates created his method he started with the Mat work. And then he realized it’s really hard! You need support from springs and straps and so the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and more came to be. All these pieces of Pilates equipment are integral to the whole Pilates method. But, sometimes you don’t have the option to get on the other pieces of Pilates equipment. So which should you choose? The Mat or the Reformer?

Well, my Pilates friend, my answer is going to be both! If you can get into a Reformer class once or twice a week and a Mat class once or twice a week, you’re going to really feel the benefits of Pilates. What ends up happening is most people choose one or the other. But, I promise you – doing both is key!

I know, access to a Reformer is difficult. Or, time is not on your side to do both (sign up for my online Mat classes they are only 30 min). Pilates is one of the coolest, most all encompassing workouts there is! But, if you only do one kind of class all the time you’re missing out on so much.

The Mat requires you to be fully connected, fully present and ready to rock and roll in every exercise. Unless you have a prop you are really on your own. Which is also a great thing! Because then you can do your Mat Pilates anywhere whenever you want. You just need space to lay on the floor!

The Reformer, which by the way many people do have in their home, is a great piece of equipment that prepares you for the Mat and challenges what you know from the Mat.

So, if you can find a studio near you that offers both, then please do both. Especially the one you dislike the most. Because what we don’t like we need to do twice!

What is your favorite Pilates class?


PS – my online Mat classes can be done where ever you are no equipment required. If you have access to a Reformer we’ve got a Mat & Reformer membership too!

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