Pilates Retreat vs Pilates Workshop Which Should You Do

Pilates Retreat vs Pilates Workshop Which Should You Do

You want to learn more about Pilates but you’re unsure how to go about deepening your practice. And, I hear ya, it’s hard to know if you should simply do more Pilates, go to a workshop or a Retreat. If you’re a Pilates client you may even wonder if a workshop is right for you. Should you just go on a retreat or take more Pilates?

First, Pilates workshops are not always exclusive to Pilates teachers or Instructors. So, sadly the answer is not as clear cut as you may be wanting. But, determining what you should do might be easier than you think.

Retreats are amazing places to get away, get out of your routine, immerse yourself in your practice and do more Pilates in weekend or week than you would regularly do. This allows you (whether you are a student or teacher) to really feel how the whole Pilates method is intertwined.

Workshops are usually only a few hours long, although there are some workshops that last a full day. They focus around one topic or theme and while some are open to clients most are for teachers to continue their education so you will want to check with the studio or workshop instructor to see if it’s appropriate for you to attend. I used to attend a studio where the workshops were mostly open to anyone not just teachers and the clients loved them.

Which one is right for you? Ask yourself first, what would you love to do right now? Vacation and learning or staycation learning? Are you looking to get a break from your usual? Or, are you desiring to learn more now but don’t have the time to take off?

I find I learn so much more when I get out of my routine so even if it’s a workshop in my local town I will try to make the whole day different so that I am not simply “fitting in” some learning. But, if I could have it my way I’d be on a week-long retreat or learning experience! I love traveling.

If you’re interested in workshop learning join me in Brisbane, Australia or New Zealand this November. Retreat lovers let’s meet in Maui or Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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