Stand Taller, Look Leaner with these 6 Pilates Exercises

Stand Taller and Look Leaner

Whether you are trying to win the fight against gravity, technology or want to look good for an upcoming event, doing these Pilates exercises at home or your office will help your posture and make you look and feel leaner and stronger.

  1. Swan Prep or Swan Dive: You’ll need space to lay down on your stomach but this exercise will wake up your back body and challenge your core against gravity.
  2. Side Leg Kicks: The more strength you have in your hips and waist the easier it is to stand in your muscles and not rest in your joints.
  3. Spine Stretch Forward: A great exercise to challenge sitting tall and giving your entire back body the stretch it needs while strengthening the front body.
  4. Pulling Straps with Weights: You only need 1lb. weights and this exercise is great to combine with exercise #1.
  5. Rowing with Weights: When you can’t get to a Reformer this series is the next best thing!
  6. Wall Exercises: This series of exercises you can do at the wall is fun for everyone and all you need is space at a wall.

Like any goal, you want to make sure you schedule time in your week to do these exercises. Grab your calendar and write in when you’ll do these exercises on your mat or at the wall. If you miss a day, try again the next day. Also, all of these exercises should take less than 5 min to do.

When will you do these exercises?


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