How Pilates Classes are Turning Goals Into Realities

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Pilates does more than make you stand taller, look better, feel stronger and more balanced. It also can bring communities together. And one of my biggest goals in life has been to bring more Pilates lovers together. Especially during a time when people feel like they are busier than ever and less connected to others. Here’s where Pop Up Classes create connection, adventure and it’s all because of Pilates.

Brad and I had dreamed about driving around the country to meet people and see more than sites. We love shopping at vintage shops in all the different cities we go to. And, we started doing longer road trips in 2018. We drove across the country in 4.5 days. Yep, Los Angeles to PA. Then PA through the east coast into Atlanta, Dallas, Santa Fe and a fairly disappointing Grand Canyon. It was a whiteout guys!! I’ll have to tell you that story another day.

As we drove around the country we had many people wonder if we would stop by and teach a class. We didn’t have time on that trip but we decided to add more time to this years winter road trip and do a Pop-Up class in 8 cities!

December 15th Las Vegas

December 17th Denver

December 20th Chicago

December 21st Cleveland

December 22nd Le High Valley, PA

December 28th Nashville

December 29th Austin

December 31st Phoenix

These pop-up classes are for Pilates lovers of all levels. Whether you are a Pilates beginner, teacher or Pi-curious. It’s all about getting together, meeting other Pilates lovers from all over your area (some people are driving 6 hours for class) and taking time during the holiday craze to connect with yourself, and others!


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