Tips for Pilates Rowing 1 and 2

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And we have finally got to the beginning of the Pilates rowing series! The two most complicated to coordinate and the most strengthening. There are so many other Pilates exercises living in these two Rowing exercises.

First, you have “Into the Sternum” and then you have “Flatback” or sometimes called “90 degree’s.” If you are rocking your roll-ups, tendon stretch, chest expansion, pull straps, neck pull and boomerang (to name a few) you will love these.

If you find yourself struggling with the basic mat and reformer exercises save these for your Pilates future. They will be ready and waiting for you when your Pilates practice is.

But, don’t dimiss them just yet! It’s good to watch, and take them in! Andrea’s tips are here and you can see mine here.


Next week we take on the least favorite exercise series on the reformer EVER! Stomach Massage


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