Top Questions I Get Asked About Pilates

Alright, here we go, the questions I get asked the most after people find out I am a Pilates Instructor. And, chances are you've had these questions too!
_Top Questions I Get Asked About Pilates

Alright, here we go, the questions I get asked the most after people find out I am a Pilates Instructor. And, chances are you’ve had these questions too! If you don’t see your question below then please post it in the comments below.

1) IS PILATES LIKE YOGA? No, not really. As a lover of Yoga I think Pilates is as similar to Yoga as Pilates is to any fitness modality. I believe that it is not Pilates vs ____. It is Pilates and ____. Pilates helps you do everything you love (and don’t love) better.

2) PILATES IS ALL ABOUT ABS, RIGHT? Not at all! You center in Pilates often called your Powerhouse is more than just your abs. It includes your glutes, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, back muscles and the muscles around your shoulder girdle too! Basically, Pilates is about the WHOLE BODY!

3) IS PILATES FOR WOMEN ONLY? Pilates is for EVERY BODY! Athletes are loving how Pilates helps them prevent injury and work they underused muscles. Men should absolutely get down with Pilates. It was in fact invented by a man for men!

4) PILATES, THAT’S FOR DANCERS, RIGHT? Nope, see above. It’s for the whole body and everyone has a body.

5) CAN I GET THE BENEFITS OF PILATES WITHOUT GOING TO A STUDIO? Yes, just like those who do go to a studio you need to be consistent. Do you Mat Pilates work 4-5x a week! And, in a month you’ll really feel the benefits and see them. You can get started with my intro to Pilates classes and then work your way into my all levels classes.

6) WHEN WILL I SEE THE BENEFITS OF DOING PILATES? People like to quote Jospeh Pilates here, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel different, 20 sessions you’ll look different and 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” What they fail to say is that you need to do Pilates 4-5x a week and that Joseph Pilates guaranteed your money back. So, where ever you find yourself doing Pilates make sure you are doing your home Pilates practice in addition to your in studio sessions or classes.

7) CAN I LOSE WEIGHT DOING PILATES? I definitely did in the beginning. But, that’s because like any workout regimen it helps speed up your metabolism. If you want to lose more than a couple pounds though you need to work with a nutritionist and find a way of eating that you can sustain for the long haul. There are no quick fixes to weight loss. Well there are but they require going under the knife. But the benefits of Pilates are compounding.

8) WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PILATES? SOOO many but here are my favorite:

  • Better Posture which equates to looking leaner, having better digestion, looking and feeling confident.
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balancing your asymmetries
  • Better Coordination
  • Less stress, it’s literally a movement meditation
  • and more!

9) DO I NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE, IN SHAPE, STRONG, INSERT WHAT YOU THINK YOU NEED TO BE, TO DO PILATES? Nope, come as you are. Pilates will meet you where you are. And as you grow it will challenge you. It’s never the same because you are never the same.

10) WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates is a strength based workout that will work your entire body out in one session. It tightens what’s loose and loosens what’s tight. It helps you do everything you love better. It’s a practice that you can take with you where ever you go!

Don’t see your question? Ask it below!


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The question I have heard is, “Pilates is just the same as the Barre method, isn’t it?”


Hi Amie, that’s a new one! Did you have fun answering that? I may have to add that to the follow up on this blog! Thank you for sharing xx

Now that is just about the most helpful blog post about Pilates I’ve read in a long time! Thank you 🙂

Thank you Miguel! I am so happy this blog found you and was helpful! I have a feeling a part 2 will be in the future xx~LL

Lesley I am finding rolling over a big challenge. What can I do? I have basically been experiencing back problems for at least two years on and off. I believe stress was a major factor. I am feeling so disheartened. HELP please. Kerry

Hi Kerry, first, thank you for writing in. I love helping people get more connected to their practice. And, that’s what Pilates is. A practice. So, if you are struggling with back pain due to stress then know that someday your Roll up will be there for you if you are doing your Pilates. However, if your back issues have anything to do with scoliosis, herniations etc then it might now be possible.

If you’ve been using a strap and a poll on your mat (if you have those things) and still can’t get it then it’s time to do other Pilates exercises. We actually don’t get better at exercises by doing them on their own over and over again. We do them by doing all the other exercises. Do you have access to a Wunda Chair? Or what equipment do you have? Let me know and I can help. Also, our OPC members have access to a private FB group where you can share a pic or video of you doing an exercise and I can give you tips on where I see you are weaker or tight or even overworking.

Let me know if you hvae any questions xx~LL

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