What Happens When You Start Doing Pilates?

What does Pilates do for you and how soon will you see results doing Pilates? Here's what will happen when you start doing Pilates.
_ What Happens When You Start Doing Pilates_

Have you heard the famous “In 10 sessions you’ll look different, 20 sessions you’ll feel different and 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body” from Joseph Pilates’ book ‘Return to Life?’ It’s a common quote Pilates teachers and studios love to you use. They do forget the rest which Joseph said after “or your money back.” But, what does this quote mean? What does Pilates do for you and how soon will you see results doing Pilates?

I’ll never forget my first Pilates Mat class. I felt muscles I had never felt before. And, when I went home and changed my schedule so I could go 5 days a week to a Mat Pilates class I saw results very quickly. And, the coolest part about Pilates I think is that now, 15 years later, my body is still benefitting from doing Pilates regularly.

When you are new, Pilates will help you:

  • Feel your underutilized muscles right away
  • Work your entire body out in every session
  • Meet you where you are in your fitness level
  • Help your Posture, Coordination, Flexibility.

When you’ve been coming regularly, you continue to feel the same thing as before and:

  • Notice that your stamina, coordination and strength increase
  • Your posture will improve and not require your attention as much
  • Increased metabolism and muscularity
  • Your practice will continue to you challenge you.

When you’re an old pro, Pilates will constantly show you how it helps you do everything you love better. Want to chase your kids around and not pull a muscle? Pilates will help you do that! Want to golf, run, swim, crochet better? Pilates will help you do that injury free.

Tired of feeling tired, weighed down, achy or tight? Consistently get your Pilates in and after you leave your Pilates workout you’ll feel put back together. I know it! Even on my most tired days I feel 100x better after I do Pilates.

After 15 years, what I have learned about what happens after you start doing Pilates is that you really cannot stop. It is the one workout I can take with me on all my travels, to any location, do it with equipment or without. You can be young, or young at heart. When you start consistently doing Pilates you’ll feel more connected to yourself.


PS if you’re ready to start doing Pilates but you don’t know how or where then check out my intro to Pilates classes here.

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