Why I Love Siem Reap, Cambodia and You Will Too

Why I Love Siem Reap, Cambodia and You Will Too

The most frequent question I get when I tell people about my Pilates retreats in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the home of Angkor Wat and many more Temples is “why Cambodia?” And I get it. Seems like an odd place. After all, I live in Los Angeles and could easily hit up Mexico, Ojai, Santa Barbara or some other hot Retreat spots. But, I chose Siem Reap, Cambodia to be the Retreat space for me. So, why do I love it?

  1. The people who live in Siem Reap are the nicest people I have met in the entire world. Even on our first trip here people at what are now our favorite restaurants treat us like family.
  2. Of course the Temples like Preah Khan, Bantai Sre, Angkor Wat and more! They are between 800 and 1200+ years old. How they have withstood time, wars, and the incredible ever-growing jungle is beyond me. They are must sees!
  3. Sunrises, they look like sunsets! You’ll have to join me to see for yourself. But, as a morning person seeing the sunrise in gorgeous rays of purples or oranges is something you can only get here in Cambodia.
  4. The different ex-pat cafes. They bring the unique flavors of Cambodia to your latte, tacos, burgers and smoothies. You’ve got to try the bliss balls at both Vibe Cafe and The Little Red Fox.
  5. Massages! You can get one anytime, anywhere and everyday. I’m already looking forward to tomorrows.

I could go on and on! In fact, we even created a guide for those who stay at my retreat house here. And, when you go on a retreat with me we make sure you experience all of these and more! Yep, you get  to meet our friends, favorite places and chef!

What will you fall in love with in Siem Reap?



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