When Will You Feel the Benefits of Pilates?

Joseph Pilates said you had to do Pilates 4x or more a week, which is why having a home Mat Pilates practice is great. But, when will you feel the benefits of Pilates?
_When Will You Feel the Benefits of Pilates

There is a famous quote that you’ll see when you research Pilates. “In 10 sessions you’ll feel different, in 20 you will look different and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates said this in his book “Return to Life” and also in his marketing. He also said you had to do it 4x or more a week, which is why having a home Mat Pilates practice is great. But, when will you feel the benefits of Pilates?

I’ll never forget the first time I did a Pilates class. During class my body was feeling all sorts of knew muscles. I knew then that this was going to be a class I fit into my schedule as much as I could. I didn’t yet know the benefits but I knew that my body craved what it was feeling. After a month of Pilates, I noticed I was already standing taller. And, while my scale wasn’t showing a huge difference my pants sure were!

After 6 months of Pilates 3-5x a week, I was getting compliments on my posture. THIS NEVER HAPPENED! I was able to do a push up from flat on the floor. Yeah, me, the girl who got a B+ in PE class because I couldn’t do 10 push ups. I could press straight up from the floor.

A year after doing Pilates I had to change out my clothes. Not just because they didn’t fit. My body wasn’t the same. My muscle tone and shape made it so that clothes didn’t fit the same. Sure, I had lost a few pounds. And, honestly, I wasn’t doing Pilates to lose weight. You can, you just have to do it 3-5x a week and make healthy choices. My scale didn’t show the truth though. Joseph Pilates was right. Pilates will give you a whole new body!

The truth is, the benefits of Pilates are endless. The asymmetries in your body and other imbalances will change over time. Pilates isn’t something you do and then hit your goals and quit. In fact, sometimes I think Pilates is like life. It continues to move the goal post. Since there is no such thing as “Perfect Pilates” the moment you “get” an exercise you will be working towards the next level.

Yes, you can lose weight, change your shape, fix your posture, get stronger and have more energy. But, you will also discover a new since of connection to yourself. This is a benefit that is often overlooked and you can feel in the first session.

Go ahead, do Pilates feeling stressed out, tired or sad, you will leave feeling better than you walked in.

In Pilates, there are the marketable benefits for sure. But then there are the ones that you will yearn for. Ones that once you realize Pilates is why you have them you’ll be hitting your mat more often.

Pilates is a movement meditation, teaches you how to connect to yourself from the inside out. Helps you discover all your body’s capabilities. Challenges you to do more, try something different and believe you can do it. And you will feel the benefits the moment you start.

What benefits of Pilates are you seeking?

Want to get feeling all the benefits of Pilates? Start your Pilates practice today. Even as a newbie, with 15 min you will feel a new sense of who you are and what you’re capable of.


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