Where Should I be Feeling This?

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I always knew my knees hyper-extended. I hated that about my legs. But, I didn’t know how to stop. And, who doesn’t want to be flexible?! But the truth is that hyper-mobility was the reason I broke my leg back in 2014.

After I recovered from that accident I vowed to never hyper-extend again!

But, that is easier said than done. So, I dove in deep with my Pilates practice to strengthen my body and find some new muscles. The more I didn’t hyper-extend the more I felt my seat. The more I moved from my seat the less I hyper-extended!

I recently wrote an article for PilateStyle Magazine and included some great ways to use your Reformer and Mat to find your second seat! The butt below the butt.

You can grab a copy at your local magazine rack or check out their online Jan 2018 issue with Denise Richards on the cover.

But, I had so many more exercises to share. And, one exercise that I find integral to finding your seat and challenging your version of a straight knee. So, I teamed up with PilatesAnytime and filmed this “how-to” just for you!

Check it out here. And for more ways to work your seat checkout my latest Reformer class here and Mat class here. Use LLOGAN for a 30 day trial.


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