Why You Should Practice Pilates at Home


Have you ever been stuck at work, stuck in traffic, low on funds, had too much to do, or simply forgotten? Yeah, me either! HA! In all seriousness, Pilates works best when done multiple times a week. But, let’s be real, you’re busy, classes and teachers are not always available when you are and there are times when money for Pilates doesn’t grow on trees.

All these reasons and more are why you need to have a Pilates practice at home! And, I already know what you’re going to say next- “How do I know if I am doing it right?” You may even be wondering what you need and how to even get started. 

Well, here’s the thing about Pilates, if you have a mat even a long beach towel you are pretty good to go for a home practice. You could also have handy a magic circle, light weights or a thera-band. But, all these are extras and are not necessary to get started.

Next up, you have to know your Pilates practice. Joseph Pilates wrote a book that is something you can follow called Return to Life. But, if you need someone to guide you through don’t worry I am here for you!

You can take weekly online mat classes with me. Where every Tuesday a new class drops and you have the whole week to take it as many times as you want. My goal here is that you don’t have to spend time trying to decide what workout to do and to help you learn one good element every week.

You can also take from me over at PilatesAnytime.com I have three mat classes there and three Reformer classes that you can enjoy with my coupon code LLOGAN.

Here’s the deal, I know how amazing Pilates is for you when you do it multiple times a week. I also know that you’re busy, you’ve got a life and you have demands. It’s not easy to get to a Pilates studio or in-person class. But, with today’s technology that is no excuse.

All you have to do is make a few windows in your schedule, subscribe to the online Pilates option that works for you and then hit play!


Because your body needs to move in all different ways, to be challenged, to have an equal balance of stretch and strength. You need time away from your phone, social media and to focus on what your body is doing right now. You need to have a Pilates practice at home so that no matter what’s going on you don’t have to put your Pilates practice to the side when traffic, work, and life get in the way.

If you start your Pilates practice today you will be able to take it with you where ever you go! You’ll be able to be at a hotel, at the office at the beach or wherever you can lay on the ground and move!

When I feel the busiest, the most tired or stressed my home Pilates practice is exactly what I need to hit the reset button.

So, what are you waiting for? Why do you love your home Practice? Or, what’s stopping you?

Join me this week here!


PS! I know you’re thinking you don’t know all the exercise names or really how to even do them. But, I’ve got a website that has all the exercises “how-to’s” waiting for your studious mind. Check it out here.


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