Single Leg Stretch on the C-Shaper

In the C-shaper you will feel where you need to find more length in your front and back body and discover just how much strength is required.

Single Leg Circles on the C-Shaper

When you set yourself up in the C-shaper and find your longest spine you’ll also discover your seat in a new way too! And, the anchor you need to circle.

Rolling Like a Ball on the C-Shaper

When you get on the C-Shaper you will discover where you really are connected to your longest round shape and where you are collapsing or using momentum.

Roll Up on the C-Shaper

This totally changed the shape of Roll up. I was sinking too much into my flexibility. If you are tight, you will feel where you skip or “pop” off your mat

Hundred on the C-Shaper

If you’re wanting to up-level your 100 on the Mat or Reformer, get into a C-shaper and you will see where you skip in connecting to your center and equipment.

Criss Cross on the C-Shaper

On a flat Mat it’s hard to tell what it is you’re doing in the Criss Cross and it’s also tricky to figure out what the round shape in the Criss Cross is!

Double Leg Stretch on the C-Shaper

The Double Leg Stretch is THE Pilates exercise that all Pilates exercises are born from. Which means we must get really good at doing this exercise!