Single Leg Squat with Standing Arm Springs on the Cadillac

Feeling strong and confident in Squats and Single Leg Squats with the Roll Back Bar? Replace the bar for handles. It’ll reveal the asymmetries in you body.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac or Tower, Standing Arm Springs (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 3-5 each side
  • Warning: Not ideal for some knee or shoulder issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Single Leg Squat with Standing Arm Springs on the Cadillac

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Single Leg Squat with the Standing Arm Springs on the Pilates Cadillac or Tower is the same as Single Leg Squats with the Roll Back Bar except that it is more difficult. If you're feeling strong and confident with your Squats and Single Leg Squats with the Roll Back Bar it's time to replace the bar for handles. You will see which asymmetries in your body show up and were relying on the "strong" side with the bar. When you start doing Single Leg Squat you can simply do the "squats." As you feel more confident add in the forward fold and spring reach.

Keep back tall and your elbows high! Springs are not for hanging off.

With your Arm Springs connected to the Standing Arm Springs hook stand facing the springs. One hand holding each handle. Entire palm pressing into the handle. Feet are parallel in Squats. With Single Leg Squats, you may want to bring your heels together so your center of gravity is balanced. Reach one leg straight out, ideally holding it at the level of your hip and parallel to the floor. Elbows bent and at shoulder height. Elbows are bent greater than a 90-degree angle. This is not a bicep curl. Nor are you using the arms to hang off the springs.

Keeping the elbows up bend your standing leg as low as you can and stand back up. Repeat. And then switch. If going well add on. Squat down, stand up and then round forward as you did in the Squats. Reach the springs to the floor then to your ankles and then back under your shoulders before rolling back up. Repeat and then switch sides. If necessary repeat on the side that needs more attention.

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