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On a Pilates Retreat like the one I am doing in February to Angkor Wat, you are going to enjoy more than just Pilates and touring of the Temples! On a Pilates Retreat in Angkor you are going to meet and make friendships with all those in the group.

When I first set out to do Pilates retreats in Siem Reap, Cambodia I thought about the Pilates and what we would do in each class, what I wanted every retreater to take away from their Pilates training. I knew that the touring would be out of this world. I mean the Temples of Angkor are beyond incredible! With every trip I go I see something new, incredible and beyond what words or even pictures can truly describe. But, what I wasn’t expecting and have come to LOVE and look forward to is the friendships those who come on the retreats create.

Traveling to a Pilates Retreat all the way in Cambodia can seem far off and many wonder if they can do it alone? Should they bring a friend? But, to find a friend who loves Pilates as much as them might be tricky or finding someone adventurous enough to come half way across the world is not always easy. However, on a retreat you are not alone. And, even better on a Pilates Retreat to Angkor you are among a niche group of people who love the idea of traveling to see a magical space on our earth and  who enjoy Pilates and connecting to their bodies.

It’s instantly a mini family of people who enjoy so many of the same things! By the end of the week friendships that will last beyond the time frame in Siem Reap have been made.

In fact, on my Pilates retreats as a group we share a WhatsApp chat and we still share things together even though we are no longer in Angkor on a Pilates retreat.

Are you ready to make new friends, take on an adventure and get some Pilates in while you’re at it? Join me on my next Pilates retreat.


Ps. This next retreat we do have a few spaces for those looking to enjoy the group, meals, and touring but cannot do Pilates. Click here to get the deets!

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