Online Pilates Mat Class: Focus on the Finish


I know that after that ninth breath during the Pilates 100 you just want to let it all hang out as soon as you hear that you’ve reached the end. But, that would be the such a bummer. To warm up so efficiently and then let it all go make the next exercise ten times harder to do.

Often I get asked why the Rollup is so hard. And, while the roll-up is so hard I think the real trouble comes from not finishing as strong as when we started the exercise. And, more importantly not flowing from one exercise to the next.

Pilates is on the mat is not 34 ish individual exercises. It’s one exercise done 34 ish different ways.

This week’s class we are focusing on finishing each exercise and not letting it all go when we start the next.  Snag your spot here!

See you on your mat!


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