Pilates Upside Down! Tips for Your Mat Practice

Roll Like a Ball, Control Balance & Other Pilates Mat Tips

It’s easy to think that going upside down in the Pilates work is all for the “advanced” practitioner! Or, that you are not ready yet. But, I feel that if you use some of the earlier Mat exercises as tools your body will not only learn how to go upside down well it will yearn for it!

In this week’s collaboration with Andrea Maida we discuss the exercises on the mat that go upside down- Roll Up, Jackknife, Corkscrew, High Scissors/Bicycle and Control Balance.

This week I share how I feel if you trust Rolling like a Ball, Seal and even Crab you will begin to learn how to balance upside down. So, that when it comes time to lift your legs up you know what you need to stand on.

You can check out my tutorial here and Andrea’s here.


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