What You Learn By Doing Pilates on a Reformer

Have you ever wondered what your Reformer workout is telling you?
What You Learn By Doing Pilates on a Reformer

Doing Pilates on the Reformer is an excellent way to get your Pilates workout in. But, Pilates on the Reformer is more than just a great way to work your muscles. It’s also an excellent way to learn more about how you connect to your body and more. In fact, your Reformer can tell you a lot of things about yourself and what your body needs. Have you ever wondered what your Reformer workout is telling you?

The Footbar and Shoulder Blocks: help you find your alignment. Whether you are laying down for Footwork or setting up for Long Stretch or the Control Push-Ups the Reformer will help you align. And, if you remove a foot or hand during any of the exercises on the Reformer you’ll quickly notice which side of your body is stronger than the other.

The Springs: reveal if you are working the opening of the spring or the closing of the springs. It’s easy to work the opening of the springs. But, if you can work the closing of the springs you’ll discover another level to your Pilates. If you’re crashing the springs as you close the carriage that’ll tell you that the springs are controlling you.

The Straps: if you’re truly connecting to the Reformer the straps will move with you. If they are getting slack and the carriage is still closing than you’re not connected to your straps. You’re moving faster than your springs.

The Handles: if you can maintain the connection of your whole palm to your handles you’ll find a deeper connection to your back. If your hands leave your handles remaining in control of the springs and straps is more difficult.

As you do your Reformer workout pick one of these things to focus on. How are you pressing into the footbar? How are you circling your arms during horseback, teaser or arm circles? Are you closing your springs all the way? Losing connection to your footbar on the way out? If you spend each workout being curious about what your Reformer could be telling you your Pilates practice will deepen. And, you’ll find that the exercises that are difficult become more possible.

What’s your Reformer trying to tell you? Share your favorite Reformer discoveries in the comments below.


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