Boxing on the Arm Chair

Not ready to round forward? Hold the position. Wanting to find more in your flow and challenge your practice? Add the Forward fold action to your boxing.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Arm Chair (I love using the Contrology Arm Chair.)
  • Reps: 3-5 sets of 8
  • Warning: Not ideal for some shoulder or neck issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Boxing on the Arm Chair

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Boxing on the Pilates Arm Chair, Baby Chair, is a very dynamic exercise that will challenge your connections and reveal your control. When Boxing on the Arm Chair, you can take this exercise in stages. Not ready to round forward and back up? Then simply hold the position. Wanting to find more in your flow? Get your heart rate up and challenge your practice then add a Spine Stretch Forward action to your boxing and see how it feels. Notice what connects easily, disconnects, and make sure you keep your flow on. It's easy to try to be perfect. Focus on the strength of your connections.

Reach your arms from your back instead of pecs and stand in your legs.

Sit in your Arm Chair with your back against the chair, no spaces, hands in the handles and feet either pressing into the floor legs parallel or soles of your feet together with knees wide but muscles still engaged. Normally you would do this exercise after doing many other Arm Chair exercises so you would be able to take what you learned in the rowing exercises and challenge those connections. Be sure if you're doing the leg position with knees wide that you are not letting your knees hang in your flexibility.

If you're learning this exercise, be sure to stay upright against the chair and focus on boxing directly in front of you without pulling your shoulder off your back or being beaten up by the spring. Punch directly in front of your center. Not just in front of your shoulder. When you are ready to add in the action of rounding forward and back up, think of it like Mountain Climber. Box 8 times on the way down and 8 times on the way up. Repeat 3-5x. Be sure that as you round forward and back your chair comes with you. And most importantly that you and the chair move together.

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