Reverse Push Thru on the Cadillac

This is a challenge for your strength and coordination as much as your connections and will help improve your Rowing on the Reformer and other exercises.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac or Tower, Push Thru Bar (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 3-5 of each variation
  • Warning: Is not suitable for neck or shoulder issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Reverse Push Thru on the Cadillac

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Reverse Push Thru on the Pilates Cadillac or Tower is more than a chest opener, shoulder open and back stretch. It is a challenge for your strength and coordination as much as your connections. This exercise may be one you work up to during a session or over several weeks or months as it does require more flexibility than Long Back Arms on the Cadillac. Be mindful of hyperextended elbows or shoulders on this one. Focus on reaching from your back and lifting from your center and this exercise will help you progress through your Rowing's, Stomach Massage and Hip Circles on the Mat.

Reach into the bar from your back. Go as far as you can stay connected.

To set up for the Reverse Push Thru on the Cadillac you can do it from Teaser or from the Push Thru. From Teaser you can simply sit up and reach back to place your hands on the bar. If you are too far away you can scoot back. If coming from Push Thru, spin around and reach back and grab the bar. With both hands on the bar reach back with your center and from your back as you hug your legs together. Then round forward and reach the bar up. It will feel easy if you are flexible to let the bar go up as much as it wants. But your goal is to control how far the bar goes up. Repeat 2x.

After you have done three to five in one hand position, switch your grip and repeat the same motion. three to five times. There are many challenges to this exercise. If you are flexible, it will challenge your control and strength. It will feel easy or even good to lay across your legs and let the bar go up, or lean back and reach beyond the vertical poles. Focus on the strength. If you are tight, you may feel like you are stuck and cannot go anywhere. Focus on the reach. If your arms go numb in this exercise, stop, and focus on opening up your chest and back in other areas in the studio for a while.

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