Single Leg Hip Lifts with Trapeze on the Cadillac

Single Leg Hip Lifts on the Cadillac help you strengthen your hamstrings and glutes while challenging the strength and the connection of your entire center.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac, Trapeze (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 3 on each side
  • Warning: Not ideal for most knee or low back issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Single Leg Hip Lifts with Trapeze on the Cadillac

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Breathing on the Cadillac is a great challenge for coordinating and strengthening the backside of the body. Taking it to another level is the Single Leg Hip Lifts with the Trapeze on the Pilates Cadillac. You might think of this as a one-leg breathing exercise. However, it doesn't use the Roll Back Bar. What I love about Single Leg Hip Lifts on the Cadillac is that they help you strengthen your hamstring and glutes while challenging the strength and the connection of your entire center. If you find that you have one side that is weaker than the other start with that side, do the strong side and then repeat on the weaker side.

Press hips up from your entire center. Avoid hanging in the knees.

Set the Trapeze up so that it's hanging around mid-shin when you are laying down on the mat. If alone you can slide the bar so that it is your wingspan distance away from the end of the Cadillac. Make sure you lock your Trapeze into place. Laying on your back with both feet into the sling of the Trapeze. Arms long by your side and gaze up to the ceiling. Before beginning double check your Trapeze is hanging straight up and down. To prepare you can do a few hip lifts with both legs together.

Take one leg out to the side of the sling. Both legs at the same level and lift your hips. Lower back down and repeat 2 more times. It's ok if your hips don't lift at all but you feel like you are working really hard! If going well hold your hips up on the last rep and then open the "free" leg out to the side and hug back. Repeat a few times and then roll down and switch sides. The goal is that your hips remain even throughout the exercise. After this exercise challenge yourself in your Shoulder Roll Down, Leg Springs in the Air and other asymmetrical exercises.

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