Shoulder Bridge with the Magic Circle on the Mat

Add the Circle to this exercise you ensure that you connect to your seat. Doing this version of Shoulder Bridge to wake up your muscles. Then ditch it!

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Magic Circle, Mat (I love using the Ultra-Fit Circle and the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 3-5x
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some back issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Shoulder Bridge with the Magic Circle on the Mat

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Shoulder Bridge on the Pilates Mat is one of the best ways to connect your feet to your seat. But, when you add the Magic Circle to this exercise you ensure that you will def be connecting to your seat. And, let's be real doing Shoulder Bridge on the Mat with the kicks is the easiest way to cheat and lose out on your seat. So, when you do this version of Shoulder Bridge with the Circle you can wake up your muscles and then try it out without using the circle. And then see how this can help you with more exercises.

Stand on all four corners of your feet as you press out on the circle.

Laying on your back with your knees bent and your arms long by your side. Your feet and knees are a fist distance apart with the Magic Circle "crowned" around your knees. You don't need to put it too low. Just around the top of your knees. Make sure that as you press your knees out into the pads that your feet are as wide as your knees. Your head is on the mat and there is space behind your neck. Stand in all four corners of your feet. It's easy to roll out on your heels when you press into the circle.

Pressing out into the circle, roll your hips up and then roll your hips down. It's not about imprinting each vertebra on the Mat. But you also don't want to skip any vertebra either. As you roll your hips up it's easy to look down at your hips and compress your neck. Instead, maintain the space and lift and lower your hips while pressing out the circle. Lift you and down while pressing out on the circle 3-5x. On the final time pulse the circle 10x and then roll down. Remove the circle and try to do the full Shoulder Bridge exercise.

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