Rocking on the Spine Corrector

In an ideal world, you would go from Swan to Swimming to Rocking on the Spine Corrector without stopping to rest or reset. It really builds endurance!

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Spine Corrector (I love using the spine corrector - Clara Step Barrel.)
  • Reps: 3-5 rocks
  • Warning: Not ideal for many back and shoulder issues. If you can do on the mat, then try on the Spine Corrector
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Rocking on the Spine Corrector

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In an ideal world, you would go from Swan to Swimming to Rocking on the Pilates Spine Corrector without stopping to rest or reset. Yep, all three of those in a row. I remember when I first started practicing each of these on the Spine Corrector I thought I would never be able to do all three without resetting. But, over time, consistent practice it happened! I found my position, began with my Swan Dive and before I could nose dive I reached into my Swimming right up into my Rocking! You will totally be able to do it too. And, it's quite fun!

Press ankles into hands, lift your legs and reach your heart forward.

You can get into rocking two ways. 1) Lay on top of the barrel with our head away from the step. You can put your belly button a little in front of the apex of the barrel to and try to lift both legs up. If you can then stay there if it is too hard slide forward a little. Then try to reach one arm forward and then the other arm forward until you can hold your body in this Superman position. From here bend both legs at the same time, reach your arms back and grab your ankles. 2) From Swimming bend both legs and reach your arms back to grab your ankles.

Once you have hold of your ankles press your ankles into your hands and your hands into your ankles. Lift your legs up and reach your heart forward. Begin to rock back and forth on the hump of the Spine Corrector. I like to use my legs and my breath to rock. Do not let your head try to make this magic happen. After 3-5 rocks reach your arms forward and your legs back. Find your Superman position hold, show how controlled you are and then rest.

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