Prep for Teaser on the Wunda Chair

You can use a ball, a chair, a Cadillac bed whatever is the level or around the level of the height of your Wunda Chair. Use this to build your Teaser.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Wunda Chair (I love using the Balanced Body Wunda Chair.)
  • Reps: 3-5 each side
  • Warning: Not ideal for some hip and knee issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Prep for Teaser on the Wunda Chair

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If Teaser on the Pilates Wunda Chair looks impossible, this prep for Teaser on the Wunda Chair is for you. Instead of feeling like you could never move the pedal or like your legs have to be high up in the air, use this option to help you feel the reach of your legs and move the pedal from your center. You can use a ball, a chair, a Cadillac bed whatever is the level or around the level of the height of your Wunda Chair. And, like any prep, test yourself and see if you still need it at the end of each try.

Move the pedal from your center while reaching your legs and arms.

Just like Teaser on the Wunda Chair place 1 spring on the middle. Sit at the edge of your Wunda Chair away from the pedal. You do want to be as far from the pedal as you can and still be sitting on the edge. Place your legs on the ball, chair or Cadillac bed. Legs should be straight, reaching, hugging together with the heels pressing and the toes apart. Reach your hands back for the pedal. Fingers facing in. Lift your chest tall to start.

While reaching your legs away, pull your waist back and the power of your center will move the pedal. It's easy to lean back to move the pedal. Be sure, while doing the prep, that you are taking this time to move from your center. If the pedal lowers, great. If it doesn't, lift back to start and try again. Arms reaching from your back with your center, moving back will lower and lift the pedal. Do this 3x and then come up, reaching your arms forward from your back and try to lift both legs up to eye level. If you can't don't worry. Give it another go and try again. Over time this strength will come.

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