Book Your Dream Pilates Vacation on a Budget

Book Your Dream Pilates Trip on a Budget

I used to think that traveling was too difficult, too expensive and “not something for someone like me.” Does any of that sound familiar to you? But, then I had to take a trip, on my own to another country. I had to plan it out, go all the way to Brazil (a whole days journey). It was the best thing I ever had to do for myself and it was entirely out of my budget but when I got home and realized I hadn’t broken the bank and a two-week vacation was absolutely necessary I made a point to find ways to travel more and to help others travel too! Thus, my Pilates Retreats were born.  Retreats that anyone can afford and all Pilates levels welcome.

I started curating Pilates retreats so that Pilates lovers and teachers could have the best of both worlds- Fitness and adventure. I wanted to create options so that no matter your budget you could make the trip happen.

Each retreat has an early bird window, accommodations that range from on-campus to off-campus and meals included that serve all dietary needs.

For me, traveling can be worrisome due to my food allergies. So, every retreat accommodates all food allergies. I also know that some of us like 5-star hotels while others can get down with a glamping situation. My retreats have both options so you can choose your own sleeping adventure and join in on good eats, treats, Pilates and touring.

I also truly believe in making Pilates retreats that anyone can afford. In Siem Reap after you have paid for your flight and retreat you can come all the way around the world with just a couple hundred dollars for any souvenirs because we include all the things you need to have an epic adventure!

My upcoming retreats early birds will end soon!

Check out 2019’s Retreats before the early bird gets the worm and flies off.

Siem Reap, Cambodia 9/1-9/6

Maui, Hi 8/3-8/8

Which Retreat are you eyeing?


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Hi I have a Pilates studio in kingston Jamaica. Would you be interested in hosting a retreat in this beautiful island? I would love to work with you to collaborate and launch the Pilates Retreat Jamaica series

Hi Selena, I would love to teach in Jamaica! Let’s connect via email and see what you have in mind! My email is I look forward to seeing what we can put together! xx~LL

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