How to Do Pilates at Home and Do it Right

how-to-do-pilates-at-home-and-do-it-right lesley logan

When I first discovered Pilates it was on the mat. I changed my whole life to make sure I could attend Pilates mat classes at my local studio five days a week. I didn’t even know about the Pilates equipment until a year into my Pilates practice. And then I moved to LA and struggled to find classes that were convenient to where I lived or worked. So, I began my own Pilates home practice.

This was over ten years ago now. There was only Pilates on DVD’s (and yes VHS still sort of existed). And I would repeat the same classes over and over again. I would read Joseph Pilates book and try to do his exercises. But, I didn’t really know what I was doing. And Pilate is tricky. It’s easy to look like you’re doing the exercise but you could be missing all the good stuff.

So, fast forward to today where now that I am a teacher I get to help my students and those I meet here on the internet have the best home practice they can. With the options that I will share below, you can not only have a home practice but you can feel confident that you are getting all the benefits of doing Pilates.

  1. Lesley Logan Pilates Online Weekly Classes: yes, I have 30 min mat classes you can do as many times as you want in a week and where ever in the world you are! The classes are only $5/week. And they offer the convenience of being able to do the class at home, work or in your hotel. And, because Pilates is best done 3-4x a week these classes are only 30 min! Which means even the busiest of weeks you can still find a half hour a few times during the week to hit your Pilates mat. Plus, each week the old class disappears and a new class appears. Which allows you to continue to deepen your Pilates connection. Register here for your all level weekly mat class.
  2. Pilates Anytime: If you have Pilates equipment at home or want to change up who your teacher is every time you hit your mat check out Pilates Anytime. I have two mat classes that you can enjoy here and here. I also have two reformer classes here and here. Use LLOGAN for a  free 30-day trial and find classes that are from beginner to expert and from 10 min to an hour!
  3. Youtube: Sometimes we just need to dive into one or two exercises. Maybe you’re taking my class or one on PA and you are still not sure how to do seal or teaser correctly. Check out my youtube channel or the many others that offer tips for success. Go ahead and check out some “how to’s” here.

Pilates has never been more popular and access seems abundant. But, because Pilates is best done multiple times a week having the option to do Pilates at home or on your own when you travel means that you don’t have to worry about if you have time to get to the gym or studio. Plus a home practice is a great way to add to your regular Pilates routine.

If you’re wanting to enhance your home practice further come on a Pilates retreat with me or set up a skype or facetime Pilates session. One of these every month or so will take your Pilates home practice to the next level!

See you on your mat!


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