How to have a Pilates Practice at your Home or Office

Your How To Guide for Pilates Home Practice

I first fell in love with Pilates on the mat. I’ll admit I actually didn’t even know what Pilates was when I went to my first mat class. But, I gave it a go and fell in freaking love with Pilates after my first 100!  You may not know what the Pilates 100 is but I promise after this blog post you will have the tools you need to dive into Pilates without having to step out of your own door (office or home).

When I first discovered Pilates I was just out of college (private college that I paid for myself with loans) and strapped for cash. But I loved the way the practice made me feel during and after. It challenged my muscles in ways I didn’t even know was possible and I was hooked, obsessed and hungry for that feeling every day!  I discovered a place near my house that had a membership, I adjusted my work schedule and I went every single day. Yep, EVERY SINGLE DAY to class. I warned you I was obsessed.

But, then life happened. I was transferred to Los Angeles and couldn’t afford that membership and with traffic and my work schedule, I couldn’t get to any classes. Fate is an interesting thing as this was well before and so I found myself becoming a Pilates instructor to feed my desire for Pilates in my life. I started off teaching the Mat after all this is where I fell in love with Pilates and until this year was teaching up to five or six public classes a week.

Now, almost ten years later I find my life in a place I never dreamt of.  Teaching Pilates all over the world and online! And because of technology, I can now help more people like you experience your own Pilates practice. And yes, it is possible to have a fantastic Pilates practice without breaking your bank or having to have a membership to a gym or drive across town.

Let’s talk about all the things you need to rock a Pilates mat practice at your own home or office:

  1. A Mat! Yes, you can use a yoga mat but they are generally thin and if your floor is hardwood this is not going to be pleasant for the rolling exercises. You can purchase a thicker mat like this one or go super big and buy a real folding mat with the handles and straps. If you are new to Pilates I recommend starting with a thick mat you can roll up and out.
  2. Make a space. You’ll want to easily be able to lay out your mat and then have about an arms distance on either side of the mat to move without hitting anything. Maybe you have to move things around to do this but if you can find a spot that allows you to leave your mat out or easily roll it out you are more likely to keep your practice up.
  3. Schedule it in your life! Often times having a home workout practice doesn’t work because something you can do anytime ends up being done in no time. Take a look at your general schedule and grab a sharpie (yes a sharpie) and schedule in your moments of movement. If you have to move it you’re more likely to put it somewhere else. If it’s not in the schedule, well, out of sight out of mind and body.
  4. Get online! There are some amazing ways to enjoy a consistent home practice (or office practice). Join me weekly for a 30 min mat class that is all levels. Class drops Tuesday 2 pm PST and is up until Thursday 2 pm PST giving you the flexibility to take it anywhere in the world you are and the accountability that a set class time offers.  Sign up for this week’s class here! I also highly recommend They have Pilates classes on every apparatus, at every level and with a variety of teachers and length of times. Try them out with my code LLOGAN and enjoy 30 days of free Pilates.
  5. Prop out. Props are great ways to challenge, assist and resist our own bodies. When you have found yourself regularly hitting the mat invest in your self and purchase one or all of the following: Magic Circle, 1 or 2lb weights, a strong Thera-band and a triad ball.
  6. Ask questions! That’s what I am here for. Seriously, if you are struggling with an exercise, a tight spot or simply looking for a good teacher in your area just ask. You can contact me here and we will get you all set up.

Pilates is a practice that can be tailored to every body. All you have to do is show up! When are you going to start showing up on your mat?



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