How to Prepare for Your Pilates Retreat


Going on a Pilates retreat? Good, I’m so excited for you! If you are coming along with me on one of my Pilates Retreats we are going to have an adventure you will remember for a lifetime! Yep, I am that confident.

But, how do you prepare for a Pilates retreat? What do you need to bring? What can you expect? Should you be training for it? I remember the first retreat I went on as an attendee. It was a yoga retreat and I knew to bring my mat and some clothes but I had so many questions about what else should I be prepared to do. I had an amazing time but had wondered how much more fun I would have had had I know what to expect.

 Let’s talk about how you can prepare for a Pilates retreat:

  • Check the weather where you are going: Look at the days before and after just in case there are any shifts. Be ready for the weather you are arriving in. When we travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia the weather is more humid and warmer than in LA. I may be a little on the chilly side as I travel to LAX but when I land I am ready for the elements.
  • Bring plenty of Pilates workout clothes. And, they don’t take up too much space, they double as daywear should you need it and also are usually more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt when exploring.
  • Know your schedule: My retreat guests can see when their Pilates mat class is every day, tours, meals, and workshops. And, they know their free time. This is the time that you can explore more on your own. Ask your host for any suggestions or if you’re like me you simply find a great cafe and enjoy just being part of the local life.
  • Tell your Retreat host: about any food allergies, injuries, aches, pains, goals and why you chose to go on a retreat! And bring supplemental snacks if you are someone who has specific dietary restrictions. In some parts of the world it is not easy to accommodate everyone but if your retreat host is like me they do their very best. But, just in case the meal schedule is not in line with your eating schedule you won’t be hungry if you have a snack.
  • Ask if you need to bring your own mat. My retreat in Siem Reap provides mats which makes the long haul easier. But, most retreats will need you to provide your own mat.
  • Be ready to let go! The best part about retreats is they take you out of your routine, the allow you to put yourself in an environment to focus on your practice. I love to schedule the adventure and allow my retreaters to just show up and enjoy. On some retreats, they are a way to have a forced disconnection. On my retreats wifi is always available. So, you can choose to work during your free time or keep all your devices on airplane mode.
  • Continue your Pilates practice. Or begin it! Ask your host of videos to watch or go to their classes. You don’t need to be perfect at it (ps there is no such thing) but you do want to at least begin a Pilates practice if you can before you go!
  • Book your flight! Or, schedule your travel accommodations with enough time to not miss part of your retreat if your flight is delayed. Ask your retreat host if you need something special like a visa.
  • Expect to be surprised at what you can do when you do Pilates daily. Exercises that were difficult become accessible because you will be deep diving into your own practice. And, for my Siem Reap and Maui retreats expect views that will take your breath away!

As I begin to pack up for my next Pilates retreat abroad I make sure to bring Counter Attack and I go to Pure Vitality for a JetSetter IV. Traveling for busy people who never rest can mean arriving on your trip with a cold. So, prevention is key! I also leave room in my bags for any new goodies I want to bring home.  And, I bring Primal Kitchen collagen packets for the flights. Sometimes the food isn’t in line with what my body loves. So, my protein shakes hold me over until I can get some food at another airport or when I arrive.

What retreat are you going on next? Ready to get yourself on a Pilates Retreat? I’ve got two more coming up this year in Maui and Angkor Wat.


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