The Why behind the Pilates 100!

Why Do the pilates 100

Andrea Maida and I are continuing our deep dive into a few areas of Pilates. Last week we talked about self-care! You can read about those here. This week we are sharing our love and perhaps love to hates about the Pilates 100.

I’ll admit, the 100 is not my favorite. But, as I was filming my youtube video for this week’s collab I became fonder of this underappreciated and much-needed exercise.

Check out my reasons to love the 100, do the 100 and some other insights I had along the way here. And, be sure to check out the amazing Andrea Maida Pilates here.

We would love to hear what you love the most about the 100. Or, even what you love to hate about it. You can write in the comments below here or on our YT channels.


Ps in the new year we’ll start off sharing the exercises we love to hate and how they inspire us.

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