Zip Up with Roll Back Bar on the Cadillac

It’s not about opening the springs, it’s about working your two-way stretch! Focus on how much you’re lifting up against the down reach of your legs.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac/Tower, Roll Back Bar (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 5-10x
  • Warning: No ideal for some shoulder issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Zip Up with Roll Back Bar on the Cadillac

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The first time I learned the Zip Up (Zipper) exercise in Pilates it was against a wall. But, that is nothing compared to doing it with your Roll Back Bar on the Pilates Cadillac or Tower. Zip Up on your Cadillac or Tower is going to challenge everything in your shoulders, your center, and your ability to be ok with the effort and not actually moving the bar anywhere. It's not actually about opening the springs, it's all about working your two-way stretch! Focus on how much you are lifting up against the amount your legs are reaching down. And, if you do all of that someday the bar will float up.

Hug your outer hips in, lift your elbows not your shoulders, get tall.

Facing your Cadillac or Tower, hook your Roll Back Bar up at the bottom of your frame. There should be two hooks ideally on the sides. Hold your Roll Back Bar in the center palms down and next to each other, elbows up, shoulders on your back. Stand with your feet heels together and toes apart. The closer you are to the Cadillac or Tower the easier it is. The further away the harder it is. Face straight ahead, hug your outer hips in and open your collar bones.

Without changing your height lift the bar up towards your chin. It might not get much higher than your low ribs. Then reach the bar back down. Repeat this 5-10x. I like to imagine I am working a water pump and the up is just a set up. It's all about the down. How can you push the bar down without the springs pulling it? How can you lift the bar without leaning back? How high can this bar go without your shoulders going up into your ears? It's not at all easy which is why a lot of people do it at the wall with light weights. After you do this, it's often paired with Bicep Curls.

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