Press Up Back on the High Chair

This helps you connect to the same back muscles you need for Stomach Massage, Reach Back, Hip Circles on the Mat and Reverse Push Through on the Cadillac.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: High Chair (I love using the Balanced Body Wunda Chair High Back.)
  • Reps: 5x with 10 beats
  • Warning: Not suitable for those with shoulder issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Press Up Back on the High Chair

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Press Ups Facing Out on the Pilates High Chair is the second half of the Press Ups series. Generally, you do this version after you do the Facing In variation. While the springs and choreography are fairly similar the strength and coordination are different. I love this version because it really helps you connect to the same back muscles you need for Stomach Massage, Reach Back, Hip Circles on the Mat and Reverse Push Through on the Cadillac, just to name a few. You can do this exercise without the "grand finale" and while the goal is to someday have your legs at 90 degrees, it is possible to hold them much lower.

Reaching into the handles from your back will help you control the down.

After completing the Press Ups Facing In with the pedal down, carefully turn around on the pedal to face out. If you are not coming into this exercise from the Facing In version, for safety reasons, get on the pedal as if you were going to do the Facing In version and then carefully turn around on the pedal. Place your heels together and your toes apart. With your toes at the front of the pedal and your shoulders on your back, reach your tailbone towards your feet and lift your heart up. It's tempting to scrunch your shoulder blades together. Try to keep them wide on your back.

To begin, press your hands into the handles and your feet into the pedal as the pedal lifts up continue to reach your heart up but your feet down. Then resist the springs to lower back down. Before you take a rest, repeat 3-5x. On the final rep, you can close the spring and reach your legs out front. Be mindful - you'll be tempted to do this from your hip flexors and swing your hips back. Instead, maintain your hips where they are and lift your legs as high as you can without compromising your connections. Then begin to beat your legs open and closed as fast as you can. Lower the legs back to the pedal with control lower to the floor, turn back around and step off one foot at a time.

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