Standing Exercises on the Mat

Challenge your connection to your center, your balance and raise your heart rate with these standing exercises on the Mat! Great for all levels.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (I love using the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 5-20x
  • Warning: If you struggle with balance, be near a wall or chair
  • Questions: Contact us here

Standing Exercises on the Mat

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When you don't have the space to workout or you want to get your Pilates on when you're out and about these Standing Pilates Mat exercises are for you. There are several of these standing exercises. In this video we will cover a few that are easy for all levels to do. And will challenge your connection to your center, your balance and you might even get a little heart rate lift! Add these exercises to the end of a Mat workout or do them while you're waiting for your gas to pump!

Stand evenly through all four corners of your feet and lift tall!

These are a few of the standing exercises by Joseph Pilates. If you would like to learn more please let us know in the comments below.

Marching: Standing tall with your arms layer on top of each other around your shoulder level. Make sure you're lifting up through your center and not resting in your lower back and locked knees. With the crown of your head up on the ceiling pick up one knee. Lift it as high as you can from your center without shrinking or changing your height. Place that foot down and switch. Your goal is to repeat this and get faster without leaning into one hip or the other.

If that goes well then turn your legs out and do marching to the side. How high can you lift your knee without hiking your hip? March to the front and side 10-20x challenge yourself to go faster without losing your lift.

Tendon Stretch: Heels together, toes apart, hands behind your head, lift your heels, and lower without separating them. Do this 5-10x. The goal is to not lean forward or fall back. Try to levitate straight up and down. You'll feel your outer hips and inner thighs turn on.

Spine Stretch Standing: Separate your legs more than your hips. Feet parallel, weight evenly throughout your feet. Lift your arms up to the sky, round forward and reach your arms through your legs pulse 3x. Then lift tall and repeat. The goal is to not lean your hips back past your heels and to stand tall without leaning your lower back forward.

Be sure to check out more of my Pilates Mat exercises. I want to help you continue your Pilates Mat training!

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