My Favorite Things to Pack For a Retreat

What I Pack for a Retreat

As someone who hits over 100,000 miles in air travel a year I’ve got some go-to tips on what to pack when I travel and when I go on a retreat! I’m often asked what I bring and my favorite things to pack. So, to help you pack for your retreat I’ve got my go-to items you can’t leave home without!

  1. Away Suitcase: I’m not an affiliate for them but oh I wish I was! I pack everything in my suitcase (the international carry on size) for every trip no matter how long it is. I promise you it’s worth every penny and you’ll fit more in there than you thought possible.
  2. Carbon38 Takara Leggings: I never fly without a pair. I am an ambassador for them and that is a bonus for you! Use my code LESLEYLOGAN25 to save on your pairs. They roll up super small, they allow me to look put together no matter what time I roll in. And, I can teach, workout, tour, or go out to dinner in them!
  3. External Chargers: Luckily my AWAY suitcase came with one. But, I always make sure it’s charged and ready to go. This way I can work on my flights, listen to music, podcasts and charge my phone no matter where I am outside on my retreat.
  4. Organic Sunscreen: you got to protect your skin! And, it’s so important to use one that is organic and doesn’t put metals and other parabens in your body!
  5. Bug Spray and balm for when I get bit. Seriously, bugs LOVE ME! no matter how much B12 I take before I go, no matter how much I spray on me I’m going to get bit. They find the one spot I miss just like the sun does. So, I never leave home without it and then something for when the inevitable happens.
  6. Primal Kitchen Chocolate Collagen: seriously this stuff has saved my hunger pains. I am not able to eat much on planes so I drink lots of coffee and add chocolate collagen to it!
  7. An Open Mind: when you get out on a retreat it’s amazing what you can learn and experience when you get out of your routine. I really love to remind myself to BE where I am. You will have so much fun when you just allow yourself to be present.

I could go on and on! Every retreat does have a few specific things that I love to make sure I have. But, those are my go to’s, my never leave for a retreat or trip without, and they are all things you can have too!

What are your favorite things to travel with?


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Comments (2)

My last trip away I tried packing cubes, and they were great for packing neatly even more stuff into a carry on. Also, I usually bring a big lightweight silk & wool scarf to help keep warm on the plane.

Hope you have a safe flight and that we get to see some pictures!

Hey Amie, oMG packing cubes are amazing. I think we will be putting them on the christmas list (my family never knows what to buy me). We made here safely. And, I always am overdressed for the temps here. Planes get way to cold for me too! I like to be comfy and warm so I can sleep at some point. Thank you so much for reading! xx~LL

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