What You Need to Set Up Your Home Pilates Studio

Here are the "must have's" for a home Pilates practice. And, a few ideas for some extras if you have the room.
What you need to Set Up Your Home Pilates Studio | Online Pilates Classes

Working out from home is not only convenient, it’s also one of the only ways many of us are getting our workouts in. Pilates is a great home workout regimen. I know you’re thinking you don’t have room for all the equipment. But Pilates was originally designed to do only on the Mat. So, space is not a limitation to creating a home Pilates sanctuary. Here are the “must have’s” for a home Pilates practice. And, a few ideas for some extras if you have the room.


This is by far the most important. You don’t want to just use the yoga mat you have if you can afford it. A yoga mat is very thin. And, Pilates has a lot of rolling exercises and some that go overhead depending on your practice. So, getting a mat that is 8mm or more thick is key for a comfortable Pilates mat practice.


The most known Pilates prop is a Magic Circle. It was designed by Joseph Pilates. He took the metal rings off of beer kegs and had different tensions. There are a couple sizes to the Magic Circle now. I happen to love both. But if you are over 5’1″ I would get the regular size. Under 5’1″ get the mini.

I also love using a ball like this one. It’s great for challenging your inner thighs and also can be used in place of a Pilates barrel to do your Leg Series. You can see some exercise tutorials here for using the ball.

Thera-bands: I love using these for helping challenge your arm to back connection, giving your body the feeling the springs on the Cadillac or Reformer can offer as well as assisting your “smaller” muscles through out exercises.

Light Weights: You only need 1 lb. or 2 lb. weights to add to your Pilates practice. And, I love using them for helping you enjoy some of your favorite Reformer exercises on the Mat. In fact, check out my favorite Mat exercises with weights.

If you are looking for more than Mat exercises to do at home there are plenty of pieces of Pilates equipment you can fit in a home workout space that do not include the well known Reformer and Cadillac.

You may want to consider having a Spine Corrector or Small Barrel at home, especially if you work at a desk.

A Wunda Chair is also an easy addition to your workout space, especially on like this because it can be setup like a chair.

And, if you’re thinking you won’t know what to do on these if you had them take a look at my free tutorials on the Spine Corrector and Wunda Chair. Plus, I’ve got a workout on the Wunda Chair to get your through here.

Finally, to round out your home Pilates studio you’ll want to make sure you have exercise support. In addition to our free tutorials here on OPC, we have online Mat classes and an epic members only community. If you do have a Reformer, there are Reformer classes as well.

Pilates was designed for people to do daily so a home Pilates practice space is essential! We would love to see your Pilates space. Tell us about it in the comments below or tag me on Instagram. If you’re wanting support on what larger pieces of equipment to purchase, feel free to reach out. There are so many options and it depends on your Pilates goals.

Enjoy your Pilates space as much as you can! Pilates will always meet you where you are. So, make sure you make time to meet up with your Pilates practice.


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