Transitions between Exercises 100 (part 1) on the Mat

Challenge your Mat practice and focus on how you exit and enter each exercise. The transition from one exercise sets you up for “success” for the next one.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (I love using the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 1 of each
  • Warning: May need to skip exercise if not suitable
  • Questions: Contact us here

Transitions between Exercises 100 (part 1) on the Mat

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One of the best ways to challenge your Pilates Mat practice is to focus on how you exit and enter each exercise. The transition between each exercise literally sets you up for "success" for the exercise that follows. In this video, we focus on how to transition from the Hundred to the Roll Up to the Roll Over to the Single Leg Circles to the Rolling Like a Ball to Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Criss Cross, and Spine Stretch Forward. Practice keeping all your connections between each exercise and notice how much harder it is.

The Mat is not 34 exercises. It's 1 exercise you do 34 different ways.

Starting with the Hundred make sure you stretch yourself out long from your center and from there you can enter into your Hundred and that will be the same way you reach to exit. Flex your feet to go right into your Roll Up. You keep all that you gained and then you go into your Roll over without stopping. After your Roll Over all you need to do is take one leg up and get into your circles. And then just sit up and go into your Rolling Like a Ball. Where ever you can add a Roll up to get up and into an exercise.

Transition from Rolling Like a Ball into your Single Leg Stretch and the Rest of your Ab series. Each exercise goes into the next and ideally, you do not stop. You can return to a Rolling Like a Ball shape before going into each one if you need. And then after the Criss Cross, add in another Roll Up and you'll be ready to go into your Spine Stretch Forward. The Mat work is not 34 different exercises, it is one exercise you do 34 different ways. Keep that in your mind as you practice this.

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