Transitions Between Exercises (Part 3) on the Mat

Your challenge is to keep all your connections together when there is not a smooth transition like from Side Kicks to Teaser and Hip Circles to Swimming.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (I love using the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 1 of each
  • Warning: Listen to your body. When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Transitions Between Exercises (Part 3) on the Mat

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This section of the Mat Pilates order is where you really want to bring your transition practice into place. Neck Pull is hard enough but if you take a break between it and High Scissors and Bicycle then those overhead exercises get twice as hard. I love the transition between High Bicycle and Shoulder Bridge. And then your challenge is to keep it all together when its not as smooth to transition from Side Kicks to Teaser and Hip Circles to Swimming. In this video, we cover Neck Pull, High Scissors/Bicycle, Shoulder Bridge, Spine Twist, Jackknife, Side Kicks, Teaser, Hip Circles, and Swimming.

Do as few movements as possible, move from the center and get into it!

From Neck Pull do a Roll Over and set yourself up for High Scissors. From High Scissors go right into High Bicycle and allow the reach of your leg to take your hips over your hands. After the reverse, reset your legs up to the ceiling and bend your knees reach over your hands to land into Shoulder Bridge. After Shoulder Bridge, do a Roll Up into Spine Twist. And the keep it all together to flip onto your side for Side Kicks. And then do the best you can to again keep it all together and land on your back to get on to your back to do Teaser.

Teaser has several variations and is one example of an exercise that needs you to keep everything together in between each rep because one rep leads to the next. And if you take a break especially between each rep in your Teaser 3 its going to be awful AND Teaser 4 aka Hip Circles will be even harder than anything in the entire repertoire. But, if you focus on your transitions then Hip Circles gets easier every time. From Hip Circles to Swimming you want to do as few movements as possible and get right into it!

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