Transitions between Exercises (part 2) on the Mat

As you deepen your Pilates practice, the transitions will help you get stronger in each exercise and help you see how you are doing one exercise 34 ways.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (I love using the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 1 of each
  • Warning: Not ideal for some neck or back issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Transitions between Exercises (part 2) on the Mat

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As you focus on deepening your Pilates Mat practice focusing on the transitions will help you not only get stronger in each exercise, it will also help you see how you are truly only doing one exercise 34 different ways. In this section of the transitions, we focus on Spine Stretch Forward, Open Leg Rocker, Corkscrew, Saw, Single Leg Kick, Double Leg Kick, and Thigh Stretch. It's a tricky section because there really is no one way to get from sitting up to lying on your stomach. But, can you challenge yourself to keep everything you've connected together as you go move through this section?

Use the "rest" to help deepen your center connection against gravity.

Starting with Spine Stretch Forward, finish one rep and use all that you gained to Rock back into your Open Leg Rocker. And then as you finish your last one you'll reverse roll up to get into your Corkscrew. The transition from Corkscrew to Saw is a really tough yet good one. Try to do it without fidgeting around. And as you juice everything out of your last Saw use all that you pulled together to help you flip over with connections to go into your Swan.

From Swan to Single Leg Kick use the "rest" to help deepen your center connection against gravity. And use all that you've learned from the beginning of the Mat to help you go from Single Leg Kick to Double Leg Kick without letting it all go. And then I love to do a Push up-ish into a working "rest" position. From this rest position, you can roll right up into your Thigh Stretch. In the next video we'll cover the next section on the Mat but do everything you can to juice out your connections so you can transition with control from Thigh Stretch to Neck Pull. How will you do it?

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