Swan on the Wunda Chair

Sometimes called Side Pull Ups or Snake prep. Doesn’t matter what you call it. It matters more that you use it to teach your body something it needs.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Wunda Chair (I love using the Balanced Body Wunda Chair.)
  • Reps: 3 sets of 3 pumps and 3 lifts and lowers of the pedal
  • Warning: May not be ideal for some lower back issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Swan on the Wunda Chair

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Swan on the Pilates Wunda Chair is one of my biggest Swan challenges. I will take the Swan on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac before I would choose to Swan on the Wunda Chair. It is so hard, at least for me here. Why? Because this is where the support of the equipment lessens. And, gravity tries to come along and pull your center down while you're lifting your chest up. When you practice your Swan on the Wunda chair remember that your legs are reaching out, not up and your chest is reaching forward not back. If you can keep those things in mind you'll find some Swan strength.

Before you do the exercise double check your lower abdominals are in.

With one middle spring on your chair place your hips onto the top of your chair and your hands on the pedal. Ideally, your shoulders are over your wrists and your legs are long and together. Reach your tailbone towards your heels and your front ribs towards your back ribs. Find one long line from your head to your toes. Before you begin to do the exercise double check your lower abdominals are in and your shoulders are connected you to your back. You may need to slide your hands a little more forward on your pedal so your wrists are not breaking and taking all the pressure.

Once set up hold your length and reach and pump the pedal 3x by bending your arms and pressing them to straight three times. As you pump you are challenging the length in your spine to not dip when the pedal comes up. After you are able to pump and still maintain your center reach into your pedal, pull your heart forward and try to lift the pedal up with straight arms. Keep in mind that you are trying to get as long as possible and not back bend towards your legs or lift your legs off the chair. Lower back down and repeat the pumps and the lift 2 more times.

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