Why You Need a Pilates Spine Corrector!

Whether you're a Pilates lover, student or teacher the Spine Corrector and Small Barrel are great for a home Pilates practice and getting daily Pilates in your body.
Why You Need a Pilates Spine Corrector

The Pilates Spine Corrector is an easy apparatus to let gather dust in a studio or not even buy. But, whether you’re a Pilates lover, student or teacher the Spine Corrector and Small Barrel are great for a home Pilates practice and getting daily Pilates in your body. And, the best part is it doesn’t take up too much space! You could hang it on a wall or put it in your workout closet. Or, leave it out and use it everyday!

First, what is a Spine Corrector?

It’s a funny looking piece of Pilates equipment. It’s an arc with a step. Looks like someone took a half circle and then added a check mark to it. But, don’t let its odd shape make you think it’s too weird to use. The two most basic series you can do on the Spine Corrector the Arm Series and Leg Series are so great for strengthening your entire back body AND teaching you the connections your body might be missing from your Mat and Reformer Practice.

And, I myself love doing the Swan, Swimming, Rocking and Grasshopper series. Not only do these four exercise strengthen your entire back body, they also help you learn the two way active stretch you need when you’re on the mat or your 2nd long box. I mean, let’s be honest sometimes the mat lets us cheat a little too easily. But, on the Spine Corrector you’ll fall right off (don’t worry it’s like 3 inches).

If you’re missing getting into a studio or simply want to get more Pilates in your body, owning a Spine Corrector allows you to build that home studio and get your daily Pilates practice in. Plus, if you’ve been sitting more like I have this year doing the exercises here on the Spine Corrector not only combat back pain from sitting too much it also only takes a few minutes to get through the Spine Corrector exercises.

Convinced yet? Grab this Spine Corrector (or padded option here) and even see your Teasers improve. Oh, and you’ll love Hip Circles on the Spine Corrector more than on that mat. Yep, I said love and Hip Circles in the same sentence.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement with me so far then share in the comments below why you love your Spine Corrector!

Couple more things about the Spine Corrector: It really is more than meets the eye. So, check out all my free tutorials here. I’ll be continually adding to them. Get a full workout for your Spine Corrector for those days you want more than a few minutes. And, check out my Mastering the Basics on the Barrels for more tips on connecting to your Spine Corrector.


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