Short Box Series on the Spine Corrector

If you have trouble maintaining your feet connecting to the Mat remember that is why you’re practicing. It’s the same reach you need on your Reformer.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Spine Corrector (I love using the spine corrector - Clara Step Barrel.)
  • Reps: 3-5x each variation
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some back and neck issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Short Box Series on the Spine Corrector

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Wanting to work on your Short Box series but not on your Reformer? Well, if you don't have access to a Ladder Barrel then try this version of the Short Box here on your Pilates Spine Corrector. It's a great way to practice your "down reach" and work the hamstrings and glutes as well as your articulation. If you have trouble maintaining your feet connecting to the Mat remember that is why you're practicing. It's the same reach you need on your Reformer. But, on the Reformer it's so much easier to use your quads. And so, by doing your Short Box here you're revealing what it is you need to work on.

Press down and energetically back to engage your seat and hamstrings.

Sitting just in front of the apex of your barrel with your knees bent and your feet pressing down and energetically pulling back wrap your arms around your waist and rollback. You can use your hands on the sides of the Spine Corrector to practice your articulation over the barrel. Then articulating your spine roll up and over. If you are someone who rounds too far forward you'll feel like you are going to slip. Repeat this 3-5x and then sit on top of the apex.

Flat Back, Side to Side, and Twist and Reach can all be done from the top of the barrel just like you would for your Ladder Barrel version. The more you root down through your feet and feel your hamstrings and glutes engage the more movement you can get out of each variation. Do 2-3 reps of each. If you have a weighted pole or a pole in general that will help you connect your arms to your back.

For the Tree slide back to the first position and really stand down in your foot to help you anchor to go back and use the Spine Corrector to roll yourself back up. Do 2-3 on each side. Then hit your Reformer and see how much you can reach through your legs.

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